April 2011

UNICO NATIONAL- Kansas City Chapter, Inc

Dear UNICO member,

I want to thank everyone that came to our last dinner meeting at Johnny C’s. We had a record turnout of 87 attendees, which included some of our new friends from National. I also want to thank the guys from our chapter that attended the National Meetings and Dinners. We had the opportunity to meet many people from around the country who I am proud to call my fellow Unicans. A special "thank you" goes out to 1st Vice President Mike Mange. Mike attended every meeting from start to finish, and he helped out with a variety of odds and ends that were needed by UNICO National. While spending the full week with Mike, I’ve come to realize that guys who have a lot of hair must all spend a better part of their time applying different kinds of gels to their hair throughout the day. Many times he’d leave to take a bathroom break, come back, and his hair would be shinning like he just left a Turtle Wax Company! Call it what you want; I see this as a good stock opportunity in the VO5 Company.

We also learned at the National meetings that UNICO National has approximately 140 chapters across the USA. Our very own Kansas City chapter ranks 3rd in total members, and we are 30 short from moving into the #2 position. Andre’ said that once our chapter hits that milestone to let him know, and special recognition would be given to us in ComUNICO. We were also told our chapter ranks #1 in the dollar amount of scholarships that are awarded on an annual basis. When it comes to scholarships, we actually give more than UNICO National! This is something our chapter should be very proud of.

Speaking of scholarships, the committee has met, and I’m proud to announce that all 31 applicants will receive a scholarship. We had set a goal of $50,000 and awarded $51,000. A big thank you goes out to Dave Sullivan and the rest of the committee. Dave will give us an update and provide more details at our next dinner meeting. I appreciate all that the committee has done. We all have our regular jobs, but it’s times like this, you come to understand why we commit our time. We have all worked much harder these past few years with our many fundraisers, but when you see the figures on paper and then realize all the good that comes from it, you quickly lose track of the countless hours we spend "working". I'm a better person for being part of our UNICO chapter, but more importantly I treasure the friendships!

The Festa committee is in full force in the planning process of this year’s 2011 event. Cascone’s will host a dinner on June 2, 2011 with special guest Deana Martin. The night will include dinner, a book signing, a couple of songs from Deana, and more importantly Deana will discuss what inspired her to write a book about her father. Tickets are for sale through Cascone’s Restaurant at $50.00 a person and can be purchased at their restaurant. Don’t delay, as there will be limited seating!

Also, we’re approaching our deadline on the Family/Business banners. If you would like to display your family name or business at Festa this year, let me know at our meeting. The cost is $100 per banner.

I still believe that Unicans that eat together will stay together!

Frank J. Cherrito

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