April 2015

Dear Friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Holiday and the Feast of St. Joseph by partaking in their favorite libations and pasta dishes over the past week. Some of my favorite memories of grade school at St. John’s were from the St. Joseph’s tables. I wish I could say the same out St. Patrick’s Day… but the memories from those days in my 20’s are pretty hazy:) Moving on...

Thank you to everyone who was able to support the Fish Dinner this year for St. Andrew’s. The weather was not what we had hoped for, but our volunteers were still out in force and many braved the rain and ice to enjoy an-other great dinner. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

“UNICAN’s who eat together, stay together.” - Frank Cherrito

Our monthly meeting will be Thursday March 26th at Anthony’s Restaurant in downtown Kansas City. Drinks will be at 6pm and dinner ($20 per person) will start around 7pm. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the company of our friends and get updated on all the happenings within our organization.

“To be a good UNICAN, you have to be a giver, not a taker.” - Phil Balano, Sr.

We are asking for volunteers and patronage for this year’s Holy Rosary Shrimp Dinner. Volunteers are needed from 1:30pm until 7pm, and can be split into shifts if needed. Holy Rosary has been very generous to UNICO over the past several years, so this is our chance to give a little back. Please contact me directly if you are able to volunteer.

Even if you are unable to volunteer, make sure to bring your family down and take advantage of the great All You Can Eat Dinner. This includes potatoes, corn and dessert. $20 at the door for adults, $10 for children 8yrs and under. There will also be a cash bar for beverages. Please show your support with attendance or volunteer hours.

“We all joined UNICO for a reason, what’s yours?!” - Michael Mange

I am very excited to announce that our membership continues to climb thanks to your efforts. We continue to encourage all to bring a family member or friend with you to our next dinner. UNICO will cover the dinner cost for all first time guests, so don’t be afraid to bring someone new with you!

In closing, we are quickly approaching Festa Italiana. We need everyone to insure they have the weekend of May 29th, 30th and 31st blocked in to their calendars. We will need support with volunteers at various times throughout the weekend and for set up and tear down. We are also in need of Sponsorship and Ad support, so if you know of a potential sponsor or advertiser, please let us know.

Distinti Saluti,

Michael Cucchiara

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