August 2013

Dear Freinds -

Italian Proverbs:
“Old wine and friends improve with age.”
“Better a near neighbor than a distant cousin.”

With my first opportunity to address you as newly appointed President, I need to start this letter with humble thanks. Thank you to President Mange for your support and guidance bringing me into office. Thank you to my Father, Melchior (Mike Sr.), for inspiring me to join UNICO. Thank you to our entire slate of officers for the willingness and unselfishness you gave with your oath of office. Thank you to my wife Sarah and my family for the on-going support I will need over the next 2 years. But most importantly, Thank you to every UNICAN for your confidence in me to continue moving this organization in the direction laid down by our past Presidents.

It will definitely be a challenge to live up to level of leadership our organization has been able to bring forth over the years, but I accept the challenge willingly. I know I have an unprecedented network of friends and mentors that will give me every level of support I could hope for. Only with their support and yours will the next 2 years be as fruitful as I know they will be.

Our current slate of officers is as follows:

  • President—Michael Cucchiara (Mike Jr.)
  • 1st Vice President—Marc Enna
  • 2nd VP—Jack Ancona
  • 3rd VP—Jerry Fornelli
  • Secretary—Tony Conforti
  • Treasurer—Melchior Cucchiara (Mike Sr.)
  • Health & Welfare—Charlie Malaponte
  • Scholarship Chairman—Dave Sullivan
  • Finance Chairman—Joe Nastasi
  • Sergeant at Arms—Chuck Ramano
  • Co-Event Chairman—Frank Cherrito
  • Presidential Advisor / Co-Event Chairman—Michael Mange

Upcoming Meetings/Events - Save The Date(s)


Wednesday, the 28th -
Monthly Meeting @ Johnny
C’s Deli (7012 Universal
Ave, Kansas City, MO)


Wednesday, the 25th -
Monthly meeting - Location


Wednesday, the 23rd -
Monthly Meeting - Location

“Unican’s who eat together, stay together.” - Frank Cherrito
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our July meeting with spouses for the induction of our new officers. Our next planned event with our significant others will be in December for our Christmas Dinner (time and location still TBD). Our next monthly membership meeting will be held on Wednesday August 28th at Johnny C’s Deli. This will be my first opportunity to preside over a meeting, so I encour-age everyone to come out and share in the experience.

“To be a good UNICAN, you have to be a giver, not a taker.” - Phil Balano, Sr.
Our 5th Annual Microbrew Festival which was held on August 10th at Zona Rosa is now on the books and was another successful event. The Microbrew Festival continues to be an imperative part of our fund-raising activities, so thank you to everyone who was able to support the event by offering service hours, or simply with your patronage and consumption!

“We all joined UNICO for a reason, what’s yours?!” - Michael Mange
One of my primary goals over the next 2 years (besides not messing up) will be to support and imple-ment membership involvement, growth and retention. As an organization we are only as strong as our membership, so my hope is to cultivate our existing network of friends and members. Most of us were brought in because of someone we know, so I would like to begin challenging every member of UNICO to reach out to your friends. If you have a friend in UNICO with whom you know has not been to a meeting in a while, please call them and invite them back to dinner! Maybe you have a friend or family member who has been on the fence about joining... so please encourage them.! Or maybe you have someone in mind whom you want to talk to about UNICO but are looking for the opportunity… please make the time! The first letter in UNICO stands for Unity, so let’s work together and show ours! Remember, we buy din-ner for all of our first time guests, so bring yourself and someone new to the next meeting!

Speaking of membership, if you have not paid your annual dues of $80, please make this a priority. You can now pay dues online with a credit card by going to and clicking the “Pay Dues” button at the top of the page or by sending you payment to:

Mike Cucchiara
1307 NE 86th St.
Kansas City, MO 64155
Please make all checks payable to UNICO.

In closing, please continue to offer me your patience and support as I work hard to fill the shoes left by Michael Mange. As all can attest, nothing educates you like experience, so I am working to gain more ex-perience with each passing day. Thank you again for all of your faith, and I look forward to seeing every-one at our next meeting.

Distinti Saluti,
Michael Cucchiara

Happy Birthday fellow UNICAN’s!!!

August Birthdays

  • Nick Bonacorso—27th
  • Frank Carella—10th
  • Joe Cygan, Jr.—31st
  • AJ Falcone—30th
  • Jerry Fornelli– 29th
  • James Gai– 18th
  • Nick Labruzzo—22nd
  • Jim LaManno– 23rd
  • Frank Licausi—5th
  • Jim Murray—19th
  • Vito Spino—30th
  • Jerry Viviano—19th
  • Louie Wright—7th

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