December 2011

Fellow Unicans,

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Those who know me, know this is my favorite time of year - the X-Mas music, décor, endless holiday parties and the pure joy of being together with family and friends sharing a libation or two re-living the good times!

I consider myself a very fortunate individual who is truly blessed many times over. The time, effort and generosity from the members was a big reason why I joined this selfless organization 4 1/2 years ago. Very few people have the privilege of helping so many - kids attend college, families in need and countless others - throughout the year. It is this which inspires me to go out and strive to earn more year after year, so we are able to give more. As Unicans, the giving is not just done during Christmas, it is year round! Each of us should feel proud to belong to a group that does so much and not forget why we are here.

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us and another year is quickly coming to a close, let’s take a moment to remember what we have accomplished together in 2011; We donated a beautiful statue of St. Teresa to St. Andrew’s Church. We took our Festa to the next level by showcasing Deana Martin, drawing a visit from Mayor Sly James, being nominated by the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association as one of the four finalists for “Favorite Family Festival/Event” in Kansas City and giving away $52,000 in scholarships. We continued the $2,500 high school hardship scholarship. We gave an additional $25,000 away to several not-for-profit groups, families in need and other foundations. Had a record turnout for our 3rd annual Brew Fest. Successfully implemented our newest fundraiser, Texas Hold Em’ Tournament. And finally, I am happy to say we have ended the year with 119 members of UNICO Kansas City versus 106 members this time last year. I am truly looking forward to our journey together in 2012!

I hope to see everyone at the Christmas Dinner next Wednesday and ask that you RSVP if you haven't already. Remember your spouse or significant other is welcome to join. The cost will be $25 per member and UNICO will cover the cost for your spouse. Once again, we will be enjoying the smooth sounds of Frank Cherrito Sr. throughout the evening. Feel free to stop by for an after dinner cocktail or two and celebrate the holidays if you are unable to make dinner!

In closing, I would like to thank each of you for your trust and support. Without you, our success would not be possible.

Buone Vacanze!
Michael Mange

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