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To begin, I would like to personally convey my sincere THANKS to all the UNICANS and their wives who worked so hard to make this year's Festa such a wonderful event! Without your commitment and generosity, our event would not be what it was. Also, a very special thank you goes out to Father Rogers, for his prayers throughout the week for the outstanding weather and continued support! I would love to thank many people individually for their contributions, but just know that I will end up leaving someone out unintentionally. I do feel that our Festa committee deserves to be recognized for all their hard work. Having worked next to them throughout the year, I can tell you everyone is truly unique and I am privileged to be a part of this group.

Our esteemed Treasurer is still awaiting a couple of invoices to be mailed before he commits to the final number. However, his preliminary calculations are very positive and may end up being our best Festa yet! Since the Festa, I have had several folks tell me what a great time they had, how great the entertainment was, how organized things were, etc. Following are a couple of comments that I received and thought everyone deserved to hear:

“The show went very well! I would like to commend you on how well it was run. I've done plenty of shows, and this was definitely one of the more organized shows. Not to mention you and everyone else affiliated with UNICO was absolutely top notch and extremely friendly.”

“The crowds were great! My guests and I had such a great time Saturday night - can’t wait til next year! You and all those involved should be proud!”

Not sure if you know, but Zona Rosa has a nationally recognized car-counting system they use and thought you might be interested in the following information Rosemary Salerno (UNICO member and GM of Zona Rosa) graciously shared :

“We had a record-breaking Festa Italiana weekend. Total customer count was 105,310 (this is Friday – Sunday)
Friday – up 7.5%, Saturday – up 8.6%, Sunday – up 4.1%. This is percentage up to last year. For the whole weekend, traffic was up +7%!”

I don't want to cut the celebration of our success on the Festa short, but we must move on to new business if we are to keep our momentum going…

Our next event on the calendar is our annual Microbrew Festival which will be held on Saturday, August 11th at Zona Rosa from 3pm to 9pm. We should have more breweries committed for this year’s Brew Fest and look forward to another event with no rain. With last year’s event selling out along with our entrance in Social Media, we are looking for this year to be even better. With that said, we will need many volunteers, mostly to pour beer, in order to pull this event off. The event is split into two shifts, 2pm to 6pm and 6pm to 10pm, if you have time to work both shifts, we can surely use the help. I have heard year after year from many of those pouring, they had more fun than those participating. Our volunteer committee will be reaching out shortly for your help.

Last, we are in the process of have organized a nominating committee for our next slate of officers. I will present the proposed slate of officers for 2012/2013 at our dinner meeting - which the chapter will need to approve. All newly elected officers will be sworn in at our July meeting and will officially take office August 1st. This will be a special meeting and we invite everyone’s spouse or significant other to the July meeting when officers are sworn in.

Remember, our strength comes as a group - we ALL joined UNICO for a reason - together we can continue to make a difference!

Look forward to breaking bread with you next Wednesday!

Molte grazie!
Michael Mange

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