May 2014

Dear Friends -
Festa Italiana 2014 is upon us so please make sure you have marked your calendars for the entire weekend because we have a full slate of activities starting on Thursday going thru the entire weekend.  Please check our website for information and details and please like and share our facebook page,!/UNICOKC.  We do our best to keep these up-dated with event details so please join us in promoting UNICO and our Festa thru social media.

“UNICAN’s who eat together, stay together.” - Frank Cherrito

Our May dinner we will meet at Argosy Casino on Friday May 16th, and we invite all UNICAN’s to bring their spouse or significant other.  Cost will be $30 per UNICAN, and UNICO will cover the cost of their spouse.  Additional guests are invited and welcome to attend, but for this dinner their cost will also be at $30 per couple.  If you have not yet RSVP’d for this dinner, please call 816 891 8507 and leave me a message or respond via email to

“To be a good UNICAN, you have to be a giver, not a taker.” - Phil Balano, Sr.

With all of the fun that always comes with Festa, there is also a lot of work behind the scenes with planning, and during the entire weekend from set-up on Thursday and Friday, to the take-down on Sunday evening.   With this event we are always in need of volunteers starting on Thursday all the way thru Sunday night.  Our Volunteer Chairman, Joe Nastasi, will be collecting volunteers for shift support all weekend just as in years past.  We are looking for a 4hr commitment from all members, and with such, we will be able to easily satisfy all of our staffing needs for the weekend. 

“We all joined UNICO for a reason, what’s yours?!” - Michael Mange

Festa Italiana is a prime opportunity to recruit additional candidates for UNICO membership.  If you know someone like yourself, who is willing and able to support our organization and our com-munity in a fun and social atmosphere, surrounded by great members and delicious food… make sure they are at Festa!  This is the pinnacle of our year, and the best time to show what our organization is all about.

In closing, I would like to thank every member for their continued support and commitment.   We are an organization of volunteers, proud of our heritage and the embodiment of “Service Above Self.”  Festa Italiana is our time to shine and bring to the KC community the best of what Italian-Americans stand for and represent.

Distinti Saluti,

Michael Cucchiara

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