May 2011

UNICO NATIONAL- Kansas City Chapter, Inc

Dear UNICO member,


Festa! Festa! Festa! Mark your calendars for June 3, 4, and 5th at Zona Rosa. The Festa Committee has spent the last 9 months preparing for our event which celebrates our wonderful Italian heritage. In my opinion, the efforts and preparation brought forth by this year’s committee has been second to none. The countless hours and commitment put forth by the UNICO members is very much appreciated. I feel honored to have worked alongside each and every committee member. We have implemented new ideas and streams of revenue that will help UNICO continue to give $50,000 away in scholarships for years to come. Not only have we added new streams of revenue for UNICO, but in the process we will allow the patrons of Festa Italiana to have a much more memorable experience while they spend the weekend at Zona Rosa.

For those of you that have seen the Festa Publication, you know how wonderful it turned out. For those of you that have not seen it, you need to pick up a copy. It is something that you will want to hang on to. I can’t say enough about the commitment Jim Murray has made in making this publication what it has become. Jim started writing articles after last year’s Festa and worked on it throughout the year. Jim took on a staff writer, Joe Cherrito, and Joe added some amazing article’s to the final masterpiece. A publication of this quality is something you would not expect to get from someone who is volunteering their time. It is very much something you’d expect to see from a professional corporation. Thanks again, Jim and Joe, for your time and hard work. I could not be more proud of your completed project.

Now is the time to start marketing our event through our email contacts. I’ve attached a Festa Poster and ask that each of your send it to your personal contacts. The viral aspect of getting the word out can be a very powerful tool. The Festa Committee feels a majority of the people who attend the Catholic Parishes in the Northland will also be the same people who attend our Festa. I’d like to have, one UNICO member from each parish, volunteer to ask permission to place our Festa Publication in the exit area of the church. This can be a good way to inform people about the Festa.

Volunteers! Volunteers! Volunteers! This is the time at which we call on the rest of our chapter to help pull the final pieces together. The Festa Committee will get us in place for June 3rd, but it’s the rest of the chapter that is needed to complete the event. I encourage each of you to help as much, or as little as you can. Any amount of time that you can volunteer will be appreciated. Joe Nastasi will have a signup sheet at our dinner meeting and he will also be following up with phone calls.

The 2nd Edition Italian-American Tribune has been completed and we have printed 100 copies to be sold. The book is 100 pages, spiral bound, complete with “NEW PAGES” and will sell for $30. UNICO will have a net profit of $15 per book. Any member wanting to purchase a book can do so at our dinner meeting.

Cascone’s will host a dinner on June 2, 2011 with special guest Deana Martin. The night will include dinner, a book signing, a couple of songs from Deana, and more importantly, Deana will discuss what inspired her to write a book about her father. Tickets are for sale through Cascone’s Restaurant at $50.00 a person and can be purchased at their restaurant. Don’t delay, as there will be limited seating!

Finally, because faith is the foundation of our tradition, I would like to encourage all members to join us in celebrating our outdoor mass that will be held on Sunday 10am June 5th at Zona Rosa.

I still believe that Unicans that eat together will stay together!

Frank J. Cherrito

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