UNICO Membership

UNICO Kansas City Members

The UNICO motto is "Service Above Self." The entire chapter membership is committed to giving a hand up and helping people in need.

UNICO Membership Application

UNICO members meet once a month for dinner to discuss chapter business and events. Membership dues are $80 a year.

The Kansas City Chapter of UNICO National is not-for profit under 501(c)(3). Every dollar generated by UNICO events supports its charitable endeavors.

Send your completed application to Frank Cherrito or bring it to the next member meeting.


Membership Dues

You can pay your membership dues here. They are $80.00.

Festa Italiana Sponsors

Festa Italiana Sponsors

Words to Live By

"Unicans who eat together, stay together." -- Frank Cherrito

"To be a good Unican, you have to be a giver, not a taker." -- Phil Balano

Monthly Member Meetings

Join other UNICO members monthly to enjoy good Italian food, conversation and to stay up-to-date on the latest developments for the chapter.

Service Above Self

UNICO Translated from the Italian means "Only One of its Kind", and the letters are interpreted Unity — Neighborliness — Integrity — Charity and — Opportunity.

UNICO is not-for-profit under 501 (c)(3).