October 2011

Dear Friends,

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On September 29, UNICO National mailed out the second half member dues billing/invoice to all Chapter Presidents. As our chapter still has over 20 members that have not yet renewed I wanted to once again send a reminder to please bring to our Wednesday meeting or mail your check ($80) to me at: 6922 N Hardesty Ave. Kansas City, MO. 64119. Know that we need your help and support to continue the good work that we have done and sincerely hope you renew your membership. Please send me an email if you do not plan to renew so that you may be taken off the roster.

The Bocce season is underway and the UNICO team is always looking for players and support. If you are ever available on Thursday evenings come down to Sons of Columbus and support the guys - they would appreciate it! Or as previously mentioned, if you would like to play, even one week, contact our Bocce captain, Frankie Bellucci for more details.

As you know, we are only a month away from our 1st annual Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament to be held Friday, November 18th at Old Pike Country Club in Gladstone, MO and are in need of your help to ensure it’s success. Following are the four areas that need full member support:

  1. Spread the word and Sell Tickets!!! They are $40 in advance/$50 at the door.
  2. Sell Table Sponsorships! $50 will display your business or families support of UNICO, or you have the option of paying $75 which includes a player with the sponsorship attached is a sponsorship form that can be filled out and mailed back to me.
  3. We are in need of donations for the raffle. Anything from gift cards to a fruit bas- ket to a car will work just fine!
  4. Volunteers needed: Needing a total of 10 - 15 to work the door, bartend and serve drinks during the hours of 5 to10pm. Please let me know if you would like to help out.

Sunday, October 2nd, Father Joe celebrated Columbus Day along with the homecoming of the C. Columbus monument which if you haven’t had a chance to see yet, I would en-courage you to take a trip to Holy Rosary - it is beautiful. Many thanks to Charlie Passantino, Joe Privitera and Frank Cherrito for making this happen. Father also included in the mass bulletin a great article about Christopher Columbus. As a few people asked Father for a copy he thought it might be good to send to the membership so I have included within the newsletter.

It seems the later in December we get, the harder it is for people to join. So in hopes that more people will be able to attend, we have scheduled our annual Christmas dinner a bit earlier this year. It will be held Wednesday, December 7th at Cascone’s restaurant. The spouses are invited and hope all can attend.

All my best,
Michael Mange

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