September 2011

UNICO NATIONAL- Kansas City Chapter, Inc

Dear UNICO member,

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This month our meeting is a week sooner than normal as I am traveling on business and didn’t want to pass my second meeting as President off so I apologize for any in-convenience this has caused. Our meeting is next Wednesday, the 21st at Johnny C’s.

As you most likely have noticed, I made a few subtle changes to the newsletter. One change that I would like to point out is the ‘upcoming meetings/events’ section below that will allow you to plan ahead and hopefully result in more members attending our monthly dinners.

As I eluded to last month, our next fundraiser will be a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament. The event will be held Friday, November 18th at Old Pike Country Club in Gladstone, MO. I personally have not yet seen the venue, but told it is a great facility that will hold around 200 players. We are selling the tickets for $40 in advance / $50 at the door and will be shooting for at least 150 players. UNICO will earn revenue from ticket sales, additional buy-ins, liquor/food sales and auction items. I would like to encourage every member to buy (and participate) and/or sell at least one ticket. If we do this, we will already have over 125 players! Also, we are forming a organizing committee so please let me know if you would like to be a part of this.

Lastly, I would like to once again encourage each that plan on attending Wednesday’s meeting, to bring a guest to break bread with everyone and partake in a libation or two!

All my best,

Michael Mange

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